The Scarlet Letter is a provocative full-length musical adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic American novel of the same name.  The original novel is a passionate, canonical tale of love, vengeance, and betrayal, and this fresh musical adaptation honors the psychological tension that permeates the original work while making it accessible to modern audiences.  While timeless, The Scarlet Letter is especially relevant to social issues of today in the era of internet shaming, rising nationalism and the #MeToo movement. 
The musical is the creative collaboration of The Scarlet Letter Company – Stacey Mancine Koloski, Dan Koloski, Simon Gray, Michael Bahar and Eric Braverman.



This particular Scarlet Letter musical is very much a “singers’ show” — designed to challenge talented vocal artists to channel the passion of the novel through tunes they will love to sing.  The book/script is sinister and evocative, while remaining efficient and fast-moving.  The musical arrangements are orchestral and lush, specifically arranged for a small six-piece ensemble composed of Reed, French Horn, Cello, Double Bass and 2 keyboards.
The Scarlet Letter rests most significantly on the shoulders of three principal roles, supported by four plum character features (including a role for a teen/young adult), and a mixed SATB ensemble filling supernumary roles and providing the rich choral sound upon which the score and narrative rely.  The show can be done with a company as small as ten, or with as many performers as a production team would like to engage. The show works well with a large ensemble that can really show an entire community shunning Hester Prynne. It works equally well with a small cast in a more intimate and nuanced setting.

More information about the show will be posted soon. In the meantime – if you have questions about The Scarlet Letter – Contact us