The Scarlet Letter
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" is immediately clear that the potential of this show should make it required viewing for any impresario..." - Jonathan Wilson,

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We are currently accepting bids for exclusive rights to the U.S. premiere. We will also consider requests for production rights in London and in other areas throughout the U.K. and the world.

The Edinburgh run revealed that The Scarlet Letter has future value both intrinsically as a work of art and extrinsically as a commercial endeavor. We have written this work both to connect with audiences about their world and also to take them away from that world; The Scarlet Letter, like any theatrical work with a reasonably foreseeable chance of success, entertains as it enlightens.

The first run has shown that this formula works. Audiences loved the product they paid for. They loved it because they laughed, they loved it because they reached into the pathos of an acutely human tragedy, and they loved it because they learned something.

The Scarlet Letter, today, is both topical and tested.

We have also taken constructive criticism from the Edinburgh run and have incorporated that criticism into today's version. We expect that the producers of our U.S. premiere will have original production rights to these new materials, and, for a limited time, not just the original but the exclusive right to do so.

We are represented by Eric Braverman and Dan Koloski. For information about producing The Scarlet Letter, please contact Eric at

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