The Scarlet Letter has been presented in a variety of performances, concerts and development workshops over the years.
They are listed below in reverse chronological order.

2020 – Theatre Harrisburg (Harrisburg, PA)
To be presented at the Krevsky Center as part of the 2019-20 season

The first fully-staged production in the United States will take place in 2020 at Theatre Harrisburg. It will be the premiere of the newly-refreshed two-act musical, adapted by TSL Company Member Stacey Koloski, with updated scores and orchestral arrangements by TSL Company Members Simon Gray and Dan Koloski. 

Directed by: Kristi Ondo  |  Music Direction by: Aubrey Krepps

2018 – FRINGEPVD: The Providence Fringe Festival (Providence, RI)
Presented in concert at WaterFire Arts Center 

This one-hour, through-sung version of the show was newly adapted (from the the full-length musical) by TSL Company member Stacey Koloski specifically for FRINGEPVD. The re-development process and performances were funded in part by the Maine Arts Commission.

Directed by: Stacey Koloski  | Music Direction by: Daniel Koloski
Cast: Hester Prynne – Kristin Riley, Rev. Dimmesdale – Megan Tripaldi, Roger Chillingworth – Josh Adler, Mistress Hibbins/Ensemble – Jamie Swenson, Governor Winthrop/Ensemble – Adam Ferguson, Rev. Wilson/Ensemble – Ian-Meredythe Lindsey, Pearl/Ensemble – Ella LaFrenier

2015 – Mad Horse Theatre Company (Portland, ME)
Presented as part of the Mad Horse “By Local” play reading series

After a six-year hiatus, TSL Company Members revisited The Scarlet Letter narrative.  A slightly updated full-length version of the musical was presented by Mad Horse Theatre Company in a series of workshop readings.  Audience feedback collected during this process was critical to the continued development of the show. 

Directed by: Deirdre Fulton McDonough  | Music Direction by: Rebekkah Willey 
Cast: Hester Prynne – Kristin Riley, Rev. Dimmesdale – Brian McAloon, Roger Chillingworth – Alan McLucas, Mistress Hibbins/Ensemble – Jamie Swenson, Governor Winthrop/Ensemble – Bill McCue, Rev. Wilson/Ensemble – Joshua Chard, Pearl/Ensemble – Rose Cannon,  Ensemble – Blair Carpenter, Christine Louise Marshall, Ellie Osborn & Megan Tripaldi

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