Click below to listen to selected recordings from THE SCARLET LETTER.

“CITY UPON A HILL PROLOGUE” (excerpt – Winthrop, Wilson, Dimmesdale & Company)
During a stormy and dangerous voyage, Governor Winthrop and other elders reassure the terrified passengers on the deck of the ship, Arabella.

“THE INTERVIEW” (Roger Chilingworth excerpt)
Roger visits Hester in jail, and promises to remain in the colony for as long as it takes to find the identity of Pearl’s father.
“AT THE BREAK OF DAY” (Hester Prynne)
Hester is overcome with a desire to protect her infant daughter Pearl from the uncertainties of their future.
“SMALL REMINDERS” (Dimmesdale)
Dimmesdale is haunted by memories.

“REVELATIONS” (Reverend Dimmesdale excerpt)
The searing climax of Act – an emotionally unraveling Dimmesdale screams an incendiary confession to the night sky.
“THE BLACK FLOWER” (Roger Chillingworth)
Roger descends into madness.
“THE BROOK” (Hester, Pearl & Dimmesdale – excerpt)
Hester reveals a secret and offers the chance for Dimmesdale to escape the Colony with her and Pearl.
“ELECTION DAY SERMON” (finale excerpt – full company)
Roger, Hester and Dimmesdale meet once more at the town scaffold as long-hidden secrets are publicly confessed.